Jesús Rico

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Biofuels scientist, part-time pathfinder


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Effect of air staging and porous inert material on the emission of volatile organic compounds in solid biomass combustion

Juan Jesús Rico, Raquel Pérez-Orozco, Jacobo Porteiro, David Patiño
FUEL, 2023.



TG/DSC and kinetic parametrization of the combustion of agricultural and forestry residues

Juan Jesús Rico, Raquel Pérez-Orozco, David Patiño, Jacobo Porteiro
Biomass and Bioenergy, 2022.



PM reduction and flame confinement in biomass combustion using a porous inert material

Juan Jesús Rico, David Patiño, Natalia Cid, Raquel Pérez-Orozco
FUEL, 2020.


Viability of Agricultural and Forestry Residues as Biomass Fuels in the Galicia-North Portugal Region: An Experimental Study

Juan Jesús Rico, Raquel Pérez-Orozco, Natalia Cid, Ana Larrañga and José Luis Míguez
Sustainability, 2020.

International collaborations


Tailored production and application of biochar for tar removal

Alba Dieguez-Alonso, Tu-Lien Eliane Vu-Han, Hernán Almuina-Villar, Juan Jesús Rico Fuentes, Liane Hilfert, Andrea Dernbecher, José María de la Rosa, Frank Behrendt
FUEL, 2023.


Biomass CombustionModeling Using OpenFOAM: Development of a Simple ComputationalModel and Study of the Combustion Performance of Lippia origanoides Bagasse

Gabriel Fernando García Sánchez, Jorge Luis Chacón Velasco, David Alfredo Fuentes Díaz, Yesid Javier Rueda-Ordóñez, David Patiño, Juan Jesús Rico and Jairo René Martínez Morales
Energies, 2023.


Multi-objective utilization of wood waste recycled from construction and demolition (C&D): Products and characterization

H. Khodaei, C. Olson, D. Patino, J. Rico, Q. Jin, A. Boateng
Waste Management, 2022.